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Regardless if you want to keep memories from an event forever or dream of having that perfect photograph on the wall, you have come to the right place.


As the old saying goes: " A picture is worth a thousand words "; then you cannot even consider how many words can a beautiful video contain. Whether it's filming a special day from your life or promoting your business, I can assist you in composing the perfect movies you need.


Being present in the online world is no longer an option, but a necessity. Look no further for someone to guide you in building or renewing your digital identity, with responsive websites for all devices (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.)


a selection of my projects

fruit tree & roses webshop

fruit tree & roses site

pension site

sanitation auto parts site

Sapienta University

photo-video faculty promotion video

HAJASS - Aftermovie

drummer concert aftermovie

Smici Blues Band promo

rock band concert promo

HóHányók promo

rock band concert promo

Lopadea Nouă Days 2017

cultural days aftermovie

Lopadea Nouă Days 2018

cultural days aftermovie

Pomiflora roses

fruit trees & roses company promo

Szidónia | Castle

girl outdoor photoshoot

Erzsébet | Studio

girl studio photoshoot

Erzsébet | Old building

girl outdoor photoshoot


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